ANIMATION (2000-2010)

A "mix-tape" of animations – including arty projects, commissions, music videos etc. My favourite techniques are 2D animation in After Effects, video-photo-animation collage and plasticine. Animation was the first thing I started to do self-conscientiously in art, and it still remains one of my favourite techniques. Furthermore, I teach After Effects in Tartu Art College in Estonia as well as use animation in my VJ projects a lot.

AHHAA center commercial - AHHAA autoring! (2009)

A TV ad for an exhibition about cars, formulas and speed for all family.

AHHAA center deals mostly with promoting popular science and curiosities in Estonia.

animation: Sveta Bogomolova
background design: Vahram Muradyan
sound: Vahram Muradyan, Sveta Bogomolova
voice: Martin Liira

0:20 min

AHHAA center commercial - AHHAA kaitsemüsteerium! (2008)

TV ad for an exhibition of defense equipment organized by science center AHHAA and Estonian Ministry of Defence.

AHHAA center deals mostly with promoting popular science and curiosities in Estonia.

animation & sound: Sveta Bogomolova
voice: Evelyn Müürsepp

0:20 min

Animated logo for cinema group KINOONUD (2009)

KinoOnud (Cinema Uncles) is an Estonian student film-production company. See more about them at​

The logo is a lively game of combining abstract pieces into different shapes: inventive and open-minded one.

animation: Sveta Bogomolova
sound: Sveta Bogomolova, Vahram Muradyan

0:29 min

Commercial for Kultuurijaam program of Tartu Art Month (2008)

Kultuurijaam (Culture Station) was a week of workshops, concerts, exhibitions and performances held by Mooste Center for Art and Social Practice (MoKS) at 5 different stations across Tartu, Estonia.

Kultuurijaam was a part of tARTu Kunstikuu (tARTu Art Month).

animation: Sveta Bogomolova

0:19 min

Commercial for Tartu Art Month (2008)

tARTu Kunstikuu (Tartu Art Month) was an annual month-long festival in Tartu, Estonia, housing dozens of exhibitions, workshops, concerts and many more.

In 2008 the motto of the festival was "Tartu pikk, art lühike" (Tartu longus, ars breve).

video & animation: Sveta Bogomolova
runner: Junior Kimbembe

0:20 min

Old stories anew - Buratino (2008)

Russian variant of "Pinoccio" – tale by A. N. Tolstoy "Buratino" – turned upside down. Buratino and his friends burry Buratino's gold to grow a money tree but a star tree bursts forth instead.

An animation for Tartu Youth Awards 2008 ceremony, category "Youth initiative"

animation & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

0:43 min

Old stories anew - Tsar Saltan (2008)

Russian tale of "Tsar Saltan" by A. S. Pushkin turned modern. The army commander Chernomor is leading out of depths of the sea turns out to be a group of youth workers…

An animation for Tartu Youth Awards 2008 ceremony, category "Youth organisation"

animation & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

0:36 min

Old stories anew - Turnip (2008)

Russian folk tale of "Turnip" turned modern. All the household is called together to help to pull out not a big turnip out of the ground but one guy's tooth.

An animation for Tartu Youth Awards 2008 ceremony, category "Youth club"

animation & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

0:38 min

Old stories anew - Izba (2008)

A hero of Russian folk tales Izba, House on hen's legs turned completely upside down. Having come to a big city from the woods she is feeling useless and depressed until children decide to come to visit her.

An animation for Tartu Youth Awards 2008 ceremony, Intro

animation & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

0:37 min

Old stories anew - Kolobok (2008)

Russian folk tale of "Kolobok" turned completely upside down: Kolobok doesn't escape from everybody in the forest but makes them flee instead.

An animation for Tartu Youth Awards 2008 ceremony, category "The young of the year"

animation & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

0:34 min

Old stories anew - Masha and three bears (2008)

Russian folk tale of "Masha and three bears" turned completely upside down: Masha doesn't broke little bear's belongings but on the contrary repairs them!

An animation for Tartu Youth Awards 2008 ceremony, category "Youth worker"

animation & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

0:40 min

Old stories anew - Crocodile And The Sun (2008)

Russian children poem by Korney Tchukovsky "Stolen Sun" - turned modern: Crocodile comes to steal The Sun from the sky but gets overpowered by a hunter.

An animation for Tartu Youth Awards 2008 ceremony, category "Youth-friendly undertaking"

animation & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

0:37 min

Opening titles for "Akademik Obruchevi ünenägu" (2008)

Translated as "Dream of Academician Obruchev" this is a film by KinoOnud film-production company in a form of surrealistic recombinable novels. See more at film's page.

Opening titles use the theme of papers blown by the wind and mixed up — that appears in the key scene of the film.

animation & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

0:32 min

Xmas (2000-2005)

Animation film about one clumsy little Santa Claus having hard times delivering his huge pack.

This is my first experiments with plasticine. I completed it in 3 days - but finished it (made sound) only 6 years later.

animation & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

1:22 min

Hape - Tuhat (2009)

Music video for Hape (project of Taavi Tulev: a collective project of 18 animators. My part is 00:55-01:06.

Music video released by Robodada Records.

directors: Rait Siska, Taavet Jansen, Taavi Varm, Raivo Möllits, Sveta Bogomolova, Ragnar Neljandi, Märt Kivi, Elvis Sõnajalg, Sondra Lampmann & Erik Alunurm, Joosep Volk, Asko Kikkul, Teele Strauss, Aleks Tenusaar, Kudrun Vungi & Martin Oja, Andres Tenusaar, Martinus Klemet
music: Taavi Tulev

4:00 min

SKA Faktor - Real big money (2008)

A music video for "Real Big Money" song by Ska Faktor, ska band from Estonia.

This song and video participated in Estonian tour of Eurovision contest in 2008.

animation: Sveta Bogomolova
actors: members of Ska Faktor band, Päär Pärenson

3:46 min