"Anti-Mosquit" is a small project I have done in collaboration with Vahram Muradyan in May 2010 in Tartu, Estonia. This year turned out to be a record-winning in mosquitoes – they were everywhere, in cafes, in shops, eating people. This was a result of snowy winter, rich spring flood and hot May. So everybody was constantly "dancing" mosquito-beating dance.

We decided to make an anti-mosquito campaign. We produced hundreds of suspiciously nazi-looking posters with a call to kill mosquitoes. The slogans were (see the first photo below, from left to right) "Good. Dead.", "They drink our blood", "Death to bloodsuckers", "Kill diptera", "Our blood belongs to us", "ZZZ, flop!". Our purpose was in now way to go political and evoke xenophobic feeling but on the contrary to make fun of those, who would think so. Our purpose was to get rid of those annoying mosquitoes.

Anti-mosquit, poster action (2010)