CRADLES (2010)

CRADLES is an audio visual performance in collaboration with Vahram Muradyan. Vahram Muradyan is making quiet warm music, that he himself calls "mumbling" – he uses keyboards, his voice, loopers and other music-making substances for making music. For video for concerts with Vahram I have also chosen warm and very intimate approach: Together with videos that I usually use (abstract-looking macro images) I made paper puppet theater that I played directly on the concert on green screen background. So videos were mixed with a live camera picture making videos even more spontaneous and direct.

Here you can see recordings from our concert on Protoeclectica festival in Tartu in 2010. I want to remind you that these are not standalone music videos but live videos for the concert, working together with the scene and us on the foreground.

See more of Vahram's music on his page.