Video series made in artist residence in Nodar, Portugal. The rural area and local stories inspired thoughts about minor changes in nature, invisible to anybody with normal human vision. Being there and getting to know other people made me, an artist, feel like a person possessing mystical powers. Nothing prevented me from thinking this way. This series of videos become an exploration of what my mystical powers allow me to do, spending days and night in with trees, stones and water. Every little movement counts.

Binaural Artist Residency
Mooste K├╝lalisstuudio
Eesti Kultuurkapital

The Stones (2009)

Videopiece about the transiency.

Everything will once be gone, the "now" is something you cannot portray within notions of Time.

video & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

3:30 min

The Wall (2009)

Videopiece about the identity.

Where is "me"? How real are our thoughts? When my reality and their reality will come into one?

video & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

3:03 min

The Water (2009)

Video about the impossibility of the meeting.

One can't meet himself: once you approach yourself the system goes out of focus, produce waves and you cannot see whom were you going to meet.

video & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

1:38 min

The Creek (2009)

Video about the disappearance and femininity.

Coming from water and getting lost in sun flare, I was trying to melt with the calm old nature around.

video & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

2:46 min

The Flowers (2009)

Video about the invisibility.
Note almost invisible body breathing in the grass in front. It is present and alive there would you notice it there or not.

video & sound: Sveta Bogomolova

2:46 min