A tragedy by Mart Kivastik staged by Margus Kasterpalu in 2008. Eternal question of fathers and sons is shown by one family of four (played by Hannes Kaljujärv, Leino Rei, Tanel Jonas and Marika Aidla). Farther claims he hears voices calling him to sacrifice himself. Older son wants to resemble Fathter and copies all his habits. However Father pays more attention to the younger son who is opposite to his Father – rational and not showing his senses at all. Farther is secretly keeping a diary that he would like only his younger son to read. At the culmination of the tragedy Father half-comically and halv-tragically climbs a tree to finally sacrifice himself to ultramundane powers but decides not to do this at the last moment. Howerev it is too late, the soul clock has stricken and Father disappears from this world (making a sacrifice for humanity?). His disappearance seems to solve all family problems after all...

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