"Seinasooned" means in Estonian "wall veins". This is an installation I was making in Y-galery in Tartu during my personal exhibition there in 2009. Here I was once again dealing with one of my most favourite topics – the invisible things, that are present but nobody can guess about them

During three weeks I was making a tree or one could call it a system of veins on the wall of the gallery. I was making it by gluing colourful pieces of textile on onto another, so with every piece the tree was getting thicker layer by layer. Thus I was doing the same work that nature does in growing. It took me several weeks to complete the installation. At the last staduim I covered the "tree" with putty and then with white paint so nobody sees how colourful the insided of the veins are, there is only slighly visible relief on the wall.

But I know what is hidden inside.

The final view of the installation.

A timelapse and photos of the installation Seinasooned ("Wall Veins"), 1:12 min