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Sveta Bogomolova

I was born in 1981 in St.Petersburg, Russia.
In 1998 I finished Anitchkov lyceum in St.Petersburg.
In 2004 graduated from St.Petersburg State University and became MA in general linguistics.
In 2004 I moved to Estonia and now am studying art of media and advertising in Tartu Art College.

I'm most interested in multimedia art and design, interactivity, implementing non-traditional material in multimedia projects, studying synesthesias and making life more beautiful and convenient for people.

Currently I'm working as a freelancer as a video artist, vj and graphic designer.

Here you can download my Curriculum vitae

You can contact me at e-mail: sveta.bogomolova (at)
and read news about my VJ team:
or read about me in my blog (in English):
see photos on flickr:
and videos on youtube:

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