VIDEOS (2004-2007)

A collection of early videos I have been making. This is a mixture of portraits, experiments in animation-video collages, in music videos and in videoart.

Some of them still among my favourite ones.

(Abstract), 2004

One of my earliest experiments in searching for visualisations for sounds and compiling sounds as well.

video: Sveta Bogomolova
sound mixed of: Einst├╝rzende Neubautern, Sveta Bogomolova,

1:04 min

(Time), 2004

One of my first studies of invisibility.

You pass by a fence, you are not supposed to see, what is beyond it but board by board, gap by gap, "frame by frame" you get the full picture of what is beyond the fence.

video and sound: Sveta Bogomolova

0:48 min

(Now), 2005

Video piece studying the magic of a moment: the anticipation of it, the moment coming and leaving as if nothing has happened.

video: Sveta Bogomolova
sound mixed of: Pierre Pausserau,, Sveta Bogomolova

Shot in St. Petersburg, Russia.

1:07 min

Tomato eater,

So many things are happening around us all the time without us noticing them. Every small gesture is full of them.

video: Sveta Bogomolova
music: Ovuca

Shot at Poe tn. commune in Tartu, Estonia

1:28 min

(Wait), 2004

Short video portraying old people, their silent, long and often lonely waiting for something.

video: Sveta Bogomolova
music: Oleg Pissarenko

Shot in Tartu, Estonia

2:29 min


A group portrait of one youth commune called "Vagun" (Wagon) that existed in Tartu, Estonia. They were always impromptu, absurd, lively and ready for adventure. Nervous cumulative music by Sergey Kuryokhin fit in so well.

video: Sveta Bogomolova
music: Sergey Kuryokhin

Shot at Vagun commune in Tartu, Estonia

2:22 min

(Steps), 2007

Studying animation techniques: our course' experiments in stop motion got edited later into this composition.

camera/actors: TKK 3rd year
editing and music: Sveta Bogomolova

Shot at Tartu K├Árgem Kunstikool, Tartu, Estonia

0:38 min