This project was made in year 2005 during a workshop held by Mediamatic.net in Tartu The topic of the workshop was to study general principles of interactivity doing a project in a Director based application called Korsakow system (see also www.korsakow.com). There the interactivity is deduced to a simple model - a user gets a screen and previews under it to choose where to go next.

My idea was to take abstract videos and sound and study their interrelation. So I took only sounds as previews - thus the user navigates through the system only listening to what he could probably get next but seing it only when clicking it. In this short demo clip below I show how the system works: the user sees main screen, simultaniously navigating through sounds and choosing one of them to get video that I percieve being related to the sound. All material are shot and recorded by me.
In 2007 I put the project into Flash format, now you can easily play it!