WOVEN (Tallinn, 2010)

WOVEN is a performance in busy street environment. Two participants are holding ends of a bunch of strings of different colour and thickness. They are standing quite far away from each other, so strings, when not tightened, lay on the pavement and any by-passer may take control of them and intervene in the communication of the performers. The performers communicate only by varying tension of the stings and so feeling bodies of each other. In the meanwhile they move by the street, get distracted, do their everyday business, sometimes even disappear from the sight of each other behind a corner. Duration of the performance is about 20 minutes. In collaboration with Vahram Muradyan.

TheĆ­s performance is a metaphor for communication and networks. Very complex, vulnerable, beautiful ties connect people communicating with each other. These ties become almost visible when communicating on long distances.

Woven, street performance (2010)